A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

r3nn0R is an autorunner 2D platformer. Jump over obstacles and try to make it to the level end. Currently there are 4 levels though this game can be a bit of a challenge.

Use z, spaceBar, or mouse click to jump and use the mouse to navigate the UI.

I've been able to get the game to run on two different Macs, one running El Capitan the other Sierra, as well as a few different Windows machines. I don't have a linux distro to test on so I'm not sure it actually works though it most likely will since the game runs on Java.

The game is also available on the play store as an open beta. There are ads in the first level only. Once you beat it they will go away.

As the game is still in development there is no sound... yet.


Install instructions

You will need the latest version of Java to get the game up and running. Go to Oracle site and download JRE.



r3nn0R 6 MB


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Nice game. Very fun and challenging.

Thank you! Appreciate you trying it out.